About Arctic Gym

Arctic Gym is a private gym located in Kivikko, Savikiekontie 4, 00940 Helsinki. We have good cardio equipment, free weights and machines, boxing bags and room for stretching and group exercising.

If you have a gym card you are able to use the gym from 05-24 every day around the year.

We have no memberships or membership fees, you only pay for the time that you choose.

First time that you come to the gym you need to register yourself so make sure you visit us during these hours:

mon-thu 12-20
friday 11-16
sat/sun closed


Prices / Offers

1 month 45€
3 months 120 €
6 months 220€
12 months 430€
10-times 70€
one time 9€




Students/ Pensioners

1 month 39€

3 months 105€

10-times 60€



Personal training

60€ / one program + one hour with the trainer
80€/ one hour, one program with the trainer for two people.



Group fitness/ Fitness boxing

We have different kind of courses in our gym including classes for seniors, classes for fitness boxers and also group fitness classes. Learn more in our sites: Ryhmäliikunta or Kuntonyrkkeily.



Ask us for more information